More than eighty-six percent of Crow Wing Power members participate in Operation Round-Up® by allowing the Cooperative to round up their monthly electric bill to the nearest dollar.

Operation Round-Up® is a charitable giving program, unique to electric cooperatives, that is designed to provide financial donations to worthwhile community programs. Since the program’s inception in 1996, Operation Round-Up® and Crow Wing Power members have awarded over $4 million to local non-profit organizations and community service programs.

The rounded-up funds (an average of 50¢/month) are placed in a trust fund that is administered by an independent trust board made up of Cooperative members. Operation Round-Up® funds are given to local civic organizations and worthy causes through an application and selection process. 



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Operation Round-Up® contributions are generally made to 501(c)3 organizations whose activities benefit members of the Crow Wing Power service area in the following categories:

  • Early Childhood, Youth, and Senior Organizations
  • Food Shelves
  • Community Organizations
  • School Scholarships
  • Local Environmental Projects
  • Provide Life-Saving Equipment for Local Emergency Responders
  • Human health and well-being

* Typical contributions are between $500 — $3000.

Operation Round-Up® funding is distributed quarterly, and the application deadlines for each round are as follows:

  • January 1
  • April 1
  • July 1
  • October 1

To apply for funding please complete the application below.

Complete the Online Form    Download and Mail Printable Form


The Operation Round-Up® program is operated by the Crow Wing Power Community Trust, a separate non-profit organization run by nine Crow Wing Power members who act as trustees. Trustees review applications quarterly and determine funding allocations and distribution.  

Current trustees include:

  • Karleen Nelson-Richards
  • Todd Malecha
  • Terry Sandstrom
  • Joan Johnson
  • Kathleen Stephan
  • Jackson Purfeerst
  • Matt Kilian
  • Steve Uban

Trustees on the Operation Round-Up® Trust Board serve a maximum of 6 years.

View a list of organizations that recently received funding from the Operation Round-Up® program.

Crow Wing Power members are automatically enrolled in the Operation Round-Up® program when they sign up for electric service. Program details are included in the New Member Packet.

Member’s average contribution is 50 cents per month, or $6.00 a year.

To opt-out of the program, members need to notify Crow Wing Power by completing the Opt Out Form or calling (218) 829-2827.

Crow Wing Power Community Trust (Operation Round-Up®) provides an annual grant opportunity for organizations in April. The grant historically has been given to worthy applicants in amounts up to $12,000. The purpose of the Impact Grant is to give a boost to a unique project/program, organization, or community to ensure its success.

Applicants must show that this one-time grant would have major impact for their project, organization, or community. The organization needs to show that they have a history of success, or if it is a start-up project, the business plan must be strong and show large community support. 

Operation Round-Up® is funded by participating members of Crow Wing Power who allow the cooperative to round up their electric bills to the nearest whole dollar. The small change adds up to a big change for area programs.

Please contact Jenna Anderson or Kara Mudford at Crow Wing Power, 218-829-2827 or 1-800-648-9401, for any questions related to applying for the 2024 Impact Grant.

Deadline March 31, 2024

Learn about the 2023 Impact Grant Winner

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